Muffin Method

Muffin mixing is quick and simple.

Banana Muffin ingredients First, preheat the oven. Next, prepare the wet and dry mixtures in separate bowls. Accurate measuring is essential. Sifting of the dry ingredients is strongly recommended to ensure even distribution of the raising agents and to break up any lumps. If you don’t have a sieve, use a fork and mix it thoroughly, breaking up any small lumps of raising agent.

Banana Muffin ingredients mixed When the oven has reached the correct temperature, pour all of the wet mixture into the dry. Using a metal dessert spoon, mix lightly just until combined and no dry flour is visible. Avoid stirring round and round. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl frequently with the spoon, to bring in any dry flour.

Banana Muffin batter Do not beat or over stir! This mixing should take no more than 20-30 seconds. Ignore the lumpy appearance of the batter.

Banana Muffin tins ready! Spoon immediately into muffin cups which have been prepared with either paper cases or grease.

Banana Muffins, baked! If your oven temperature is correct, the muffins should start to rise in 3-4 minutes and be done in about 20 minutes. Check for doneness by gently touching one or two tops. When fully baked, they should be able to hold their shape. If your finger leaves an indent, or the muffins look too pale, continue baking 2-3 minutes and test again.